February 13, 2019
Daniel Ric’s well suited for Renault RS 19

Renault’s RS19 livery looks pretty good, Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg are classy drivers, so let’s see what Formula 1 has to offer in 2019! EDITED by AC

December 25, 2018
London Mayor reckons London F1 Street Race a chance

AUSTRALIA’s F1 Grand Prix was one of seven races which attracted more than 200,000 fans in 2018, official attendance figures released this week by Formula 1 show. They included Great Britain, Mexico, USA, Singapore, Belgium and Hungary.    The British Grand Prix, which currently is under threat after 2019, had the highest attendance of any race…

December 12, 2018
The way Formula One used to sound!

And the way it ought to sound in 2019 and beyond! The extraordinary sound of finely tuned racing engine. Thanks to my mate Professor Michael Henderson, a handy racer himself!    Click on the link below. And ENJOY. https://www.facebook.com/468294129860351/videos/851252145217170/?t=63 Ferrari 412T1, beautiful sound!!!!!!!, test at Fiorano 1994 Nicola Larini and Jean Alesi. enjoy!!!!!!! Ferrari 412T1,…

December 5, 2018
Daniel Ricciardo – A true blue Aussie Champion

Featured image: kymillman.com One day, in the not too distant future, Formula One ace DANIEL RICCIARDO will sit down with his excited children and tell them stories that beggar belief.    They will, of course, be absolutely true.   Because their Dad has experienced, and achieved, far more in his relatively short span on this planet…

November 20, 2018
Message to Daniel Ricciardo – A True Blue Aussie Champ

Images: kymillman.com               Just a little note, Daniel, to say a sincere thank you to you and your fellow travellers for a simply thrilling 2018 F1 Season! It didn’t all go your way, mate.   But you can take consolation (if any is needed) that you had little control over the…

November 9, 2018
Kym’s Illman’s Take on Brazil


November 3, 2018
How good is Lewis Hamilton?

Feature image:  Kym Illman. Lewis is still 20 wins behind Michael Schumacher! Please click on the link below for a formula1.com piece, with comments from two fine writers Laurence Barretto and David Tremayne, which add an interesting perspective to an ongoing debate https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.the-debate-should-hamilton-now-be-considered-the-greatest-of-all-time.6P9M9FINCEqYOSEumUqqIS.html?utm_medium=email&utm_source=Ogilvy&utm_campaign=684412_20181102_Non-RaceWeekend_LiveTimingNon-Users&utm_keyword=Driver_Hamilton&dm_i=4JQW,EO3G,34ZYVN,1NV9J,1 What do you think? EDITED by AC

October 26, 2018
Dan Ric’s the Man: Go Daniel!

Get ready for the Mexican Grand Prix, courtesy of Perth’s very own gun F1 lensman, KYM ILLMAN. KYMILLMAN.COM 2018 MEXICAN GRAND PRIX PRE-RACE BLOG – Kym Illman This is the 3rd-last race of 2019 and today was media day at the Mexico City track. The Day of the Dead plays a huge part at this…

October 25, 2018
Niki Lauda on Road to Recovery

Images: motorsport.com Niki on Road to Recovery? “Two and a half months after a lung transplant, we’re delighted to hear that our Chairman and friend Niki Lauda has left hospital in Vienna. “Niki will now begin a phase of intensive rehabilitation, as he continues his road to recovery.   We can’t wait to have you back, Niki.” …

October 22, 2018

  Those delightful Dallas Cowgirls are featured above by gun Aussie Formula One lensman Kym Illman (below) from Perth, whose stunning images we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy here throughout the F1 season.  Kym was well rugged up for the unseasonal wintry weather on Friday October 19, 2018, in the lovely ladies’ hometown. Image: Jerry Andre….