F1, Shanghai, China, Sunday April 15, 2018
Round 6 Season 2018, Sunday








Just a little note, Daniel, to say a sincere thank you to you and your fellow travellers for a simply thrilling 2018 F1 Season!

It didn’t all go your way, mate.   But you can take consolation (if any is needed) that you had little control over the outcome during too many of those 21 events.   And those in which you did, you showed us what a champion you are.   You’ve done us proud!

So here’s hoping you enjoy yourself at Yas Marina, Abu Dhabi, this weekend.   And that 2019 goes just the way you would wish.   It’ll sure be interesting to see so many Aussies barracking for Renault!

Have a wonderful Christmas break in Perth with your family.   I do hope Father Christmas is especially kind to you all.

And, go The Eagles!

Cheers, and best wishes.