A Mighty Fine Piece of Driving

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Getting the Best out of a Monaro



“MY BROTHER JOHN and I each run a HQ Monaro in the Historic Touring Car class.   John’s #89 is orange and, in most cases, he’s a little in front of me.    He qualified first in that September 9 event (featured above at Barbagallo Raceway), with Greg Barr a few tenths behind him.     I was third in Car #98, almost a second off his pace.    Race one resulted in a DNF for me as I had to bury the car in the sand on turn one, about lap 5, when another competitor found some oil on the track left by one of the boys’ drivetrain failure.     So my evasive action meant I was done for that race.   Race 2 was a reverse grid and I came in 5th (I think? No points involved).    I started Race 3 from 14th and finished a distant second to Greg Barr’s  XUI Torana.    My bro was second until an oil leak from his gearbox caused excessive smoke.    So he pulled off with a few laps to go.    It wasn’t a tough day as there weren’t many of the group NC over 3000 cc out there.    It  was just a matter of negotiating the field and staying tidy!!    I’m really looking forward to the October 2 day event.”

BRIAN and JOHN BONDI  have raced, on and off, for nearly 20 years – originally in the HQ Holden series and then later into HTC.     The brothers run their own company, Equipment Placement, and you can find more of their racing antics under EP Motorsport, at the very bottom of their webpage, by clicking on:   



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