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on 01/08/2019

AS IF TO THUMB NOSES AT JEREMY CLARKSON, after the British guru’s recent vitriolic public spray of Formula One, the past three races – Spielberg, Silverstone and H

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Summit Racing Drags

on 30/07/2019

Photo: Outlaw Images. PROUD WEST AUSSIE RACER IAN READ makes his return to Alice Springs this weekend aboard his championship-winning 2008 Suzuki Hayabusa after

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Record field at Spa 24H

on 22/07/2019

THOSE WONDERFUL PEOPLE IN BELGIUM - whether they’re Dutch speaking Flemish or French speaking Walloons (or even the German speaking minority) - don’t mess about wh

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Go Daniel Ricciardo!

on 21/06/2019

RENAULT has brought along a few tricks that might make a difference to the performance of the rides of Dan Ricciardo and his teammate Nico Hulkenberg at this weekend's

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