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Dear Members,

Here are a few words regarding getting back on track for 2017.

Yesterday as many of you are aware DSR, WASCC and Motorcycling WA met to discuss the Hall Report. We are pleased to report that progress is being made but further meetings need to take place with WASCC before the required safety improvements will be made. Plans are underway already to upgrade certain areas during the month of January.

The WASCC have confirmed that our dates for 2017 still stand. WASCC have indicated they want the return of bikes to Barbagallo Raceway. They are currently working  on  safety improvements  for this to happen. It has only been a few weeks and the level of planning for change does take time, so please, be patient.

What is vitally important is we continue to plan our 2017 season “business as usual”. We will still be having our AGM on the 7th December at the Clubrooms and appointing office bearers and committees for 2017 so please come along. Can I ask that you don’t lose faith, renew your race licenses, renew your membership and continue to support our great club. Sure, we have had a summer holiday imposed on us but after the year we have had I think a break is an opportunity to recharge our weary batteries. The bar on Friday nights will still be open. If you are in the area please pop in and say hi, the drinks are cheaper than any other place around and we need your support now more than ever.

I know it is tough but try and not to be sucked in by mainstream media and also social media. Things are said and twisted to ‘make’ a story and often reported by the ill-informed and over-opinionated. What I can promise you is I will keep members up to date with any progress via our website and Facebook pages. So, if you haven’t ‘liked’ us on Facebook make sure you jump on board.

Finally please don’t ring the club or Denise & Michele for any updates, these will come from either me or MWA/MA.

If I don’t see you at the AGM then please have a safe Christmas and New Year. Don’t forget to renew your membership.

Take Care

Paul Castling

MCRCWA President

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