Head Restraints a Must for 2020

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A TIMELY REMINDER THAT frontal head restraints (FHR) for competitors in club level rally events will be in place from 1 January 2020.

Frontal head restraints are designed to reduce injury by limiting forward head movement during periods of rapid deceleration. Common examples of these restraints include the HANS device and the Simpson ‘Hybrid’ harness style device.

At the start of 2019, FHRs were made mandatory at multi-club level rally events. They are already compulsory at the state and national level.

CAMS CEO Eugene Arocca said the changes were about improving safety for competitors at every level.

“The benefits of frontal head restraints have been proven in research undertaken throughout the world. We have seen in Australia that these devices have unquestionably saved lives and reduced the seriousness of any injuries.”


“There will be a small cost to competitors to fit this equipment in their vehicle, but ultimately there is no price you can put on your life or that of your co-driver.”

FHR devices have been compulsory in National and State level rally events since 2015 and became mandatory for multi club level events earlier this year.

CAMS licence holders can get more information on the introduction of frontal head restraints in club level rally events through the FAQs available in the link below.



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