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Thoughts from Facebook

Enter on the CAMS portal for the WASCC 2018 season opener – February 17

“Noticed Nick Hanlon, Mark Jones, Terry De Sylva, Warren Ellis have all been getting ready for 2018 Round 1 at Barbagallo Raceway.     So thought I’d better join the club.    Who else isn’t ready?” 

Justin Chaffey,‎  

Warren Ellis:    Working flat out trying to get ready.    But 1 step forward and 3 steps backwards.    It’s doing my head in.    How come our entry fees have gone from $210 + $20 for Dorian hire, to $300 +$25?     It’s a huge increase!

Terry De Sylva:   That’s a forty two percent increase.    That can’t be right.

Warren Ellis:    That is what it says on the CAMS portal.    I looked yesterday.

Justin Chaffey:    Events were losing too much money.    So entries proposed to go from $210-$240 for WASCC members,  and $300 for non members.     Neil Streatfield was trying to put together a bulk buy deal for Dorians.

Warren Ellis:    And they will lose more money as they will drive people away from the sport.

A Voice of Reason

“You guys don’t know how good you have it in WA – $300 is still cheap!    Over East it’s plus $450 everywhere we go.    Plus $150-200 just for Friday practice.    So I wouldn’t be complaining.”   

Tony Auddino.


So what did it cost to run a Saloon Car last season?

Check this out:


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