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The NIGHTMASTERS: Just a Bunch More Sleeps to Go

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Traditionally, it has been a great day/night entertainment package to herald the new motor racing season, highlighted by the Virgin Australia Supercars at Barbagallo Raceway May 5-7.

The NightMasters has all the ingredients to be a truly great event. I don’t believe it has ever reached its true potential.

I shall never forget – all those years ago – the sight and sound of Tony Ricciardello’s blood-red rocketship weaving its way through a packed field from the back of a reverse grid, invariably taking the lead into Turn 1 at Barbagallo.

Such incredible power that made the NightMasters his domain. It was an extraordinary experience!

Such skills at the helm of the Chevy V8-powered Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV earned Tony a world record nine Sports Sedan Championships.

I do believe 2017 marks the 80th anniversary of this great club, custodians of WA’s premier race circuit.

Now into its second term under the able control of president Russell Sewell, the club is is slowly winning back the support of those members – and fans – disillusioned by the lack of transparency evidenced a couple of years back. It takes a long time to overcome that.

The club’s core business is organising and promoting cost effective motorsport for its members.  That must remain the focus, because 2017 marks a seminal year – perhaps even the crossroads.

There has been far too much bitching and squabbling on social media from all avenues over the break – little of it worthy of those who have fostered it. It takes no one anywhere.

It is heartening in recent weeks to see dedicated members of WA’s the Motor Cycle Racing Club banding in working bees to help get the bikes back onto the bitumen at Barbagallo.

That’s the sort of action that is needed to bring us all closer.

And it is welcome, indeed.

The Bike Racing fraternity needs Barbagallo Raceway. And the WASCC and Barbagallo certainly needs the Bikes!

This is huge season for motor racing in Western Australia.

Some might even say – “Make or break!”

Let’s work together to ensure it is the former.

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