Those Flying Stadium Super Trucks

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In a Class of their Own!

IT WAS PLAIN FOR ALL TO SEE at Barbagallo Raceway. Those flying Stadium Super Trucks simply are in a realm of their own.

And they put on a motor racing spectacle as exciting as any I’ve seen.

The Supercars crowd last weekend, which certainly seemed bigger than in the past few years, was blown away by the airborne antics and daredevil driving of some of the great pedallers going around. Sure, the majority of the crowd was there to cheer on their favourites in the 2017 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship.  It was a personal filip for an old bloke me to see legend Dick Johnson – and his DJR Team Penske mates – out of the doldrums and back up there where he belongs. Remember, this used to be the Shell Championship.

But I doubt there were many punters who didn’t leave Wanneroo on Sunday evening tripping on the heights reached by the showmen from the East.  And, of course, from the US.

Up, Up and Away


Barbagallo Raceway is an ideal forum for the trucks, with the use of the Short Circuit allowing great vision for spectators across the venue.

It would surprise me if WA Sporting Car Club general manager, Andrew Stachewicz,  hasn’t already been chatting with NASCAR great and Stadium Super Trucks head honcho Robby Gordon to stitch up the category for 2018! I have no doubts this is a series that will continue to improve and grow accordingly.  And never forget, Global Rallycross may not be too far away!

The Virgin Australia Supercars have a great deal to consider in the coming months.

There Must Always be a Plan B

A little licence, perhaps. But where was that RAAF flyover? Image:

It was a great pleasure for me to catch up after such a long time with a bunch of special friends – in particular Toni Shapland, a doyen among corporate managers, Channel Nine’s Bob Harnett, and that intrepid lensman Grant Lauterbach. I had the privilege of the WASCC corporate box and was well enough to spend most of the day out and about.  It was a real buzz for me and something I’ve not been well enough to do for quite a while.

The downside for me was no RAAF flyover. Whatever the reason that event – leading up to the National Anthem – is a spectacle like no other and those responsible for sorting such things need to ensure that it’s on the schedule for next year.  Or start thinking about something similar – there are some pretty exciting aircraft in hangars around Perth. It only takes a few exploratory calls.  And there should always be a Plan B!

Nevertheless, the WASCC put on a great show and club president Russell Sewell and his talented team deserve the plaudits. What does the future hold? Who knows. But camping at the venue and perhaps a Saturday night concert might be  on the cards!


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