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USA vs Australia Speedweek

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 Main podium (L to R): 2nd Jamie Maiolo, 1st Parker Price-Miller, 3rd Brad Maiolo.

Images by Peter Roebuck
Words by Ken Brown 

The opening round of the 27th annual Western Australian Sprintcar Speedweek Series has been won by talented 19-year-old American driver Parker Price-Miller.

Driving the USA #2 car  the Kokomo, Indiana-based Price-Miller started from position 5 in the 30-lap main event at Perth Motorplex on Boxing Day.     He took over the running from local star Ben Ellement a third of the way through the race.

He finished half a second ahead of Jamie Maiolo, with Brad Maiolo, AJ Nash and Ryan Lancaster further back.    Fellow USA visitor Ryan Smith ran as high as sixth but failed to finish.    The series continues at Quit Bunbury Speedway on Saturday, December 30.

 Avon Valley Speedway round cancelled

The Perth Motorplex hosts the third Speedweek round on Monday January 1, with the final set down for Bunbury on Saturday January 6.

Parker Price-Miller becomes the 17th USA pilot to claim a round win in the WA Speedweek competition.    He joins such names as Donny Schatz, Randy Hannagan, Kenny Jacobs, Robbie Stanley, Gary Wright and Jason Johnson.

U.S. Versus US – The WA Sprintcar Speedweek Series

YEAR           WINNER
1982 Jac Haudenschild (USA)
1983 Jack Hewitt (USA)
1984 Noel Bradford (WA)
1985 Ron Krikke (WA)
1986 Garry Rush (NSW)
1987 Garry Rush (NSW)
1988 Garry Rush (NSW)
1989 Johnny Herrera (USA)
1990 John Krikke (WA)
1991 Ron Krikke (WA)
1992 Ron Krikke (WA)
1993 Ron Krikke (WA)
1994 Ron Krikke (WA)
1995 Gavin Migro (WA) & Mark Wells (WA) tie
1996 Ron Krikke (WA)
1997 Kenny Jacobs (USA)
1998 Randy Hannagan (USA)
1999 Donny Schatz (USA)
2000 Randy Hannagan (USA)
2001 Donny Schatz (USA)
2002 Paul McMahan (USA)
2003 Jason Johnson (USA)
2004 Wayne Johnson (USA)
2005 Ryan Farrell (WA)
2006 Jesse Hockett (USA)
2016 Cameron Gessner (WA)

ANTHILL Brent 1999
BAILEY Bill 1991-92
BROWN Brian 2016
CARSON Shane 1987, 1994
DAY Ronnie 1997-98
FURR Brad 2000-01
GORDON Eric 1991
GORDON Jeff 1987
GREEN Tim 1983
HANNAGAN Randy 1995-96, 1998, 2000
HERRERA Johnny 1989-90
HEWITT Jack 1982-83
HOCKETT Jesse 2005
HODGES Rocky 1984, 1986-87
HOGUE Fran 1988-89-90-91-92-93
JACOBS Dean 1999, 2006
JACOBS Kenny 1995-96-97-98
JOHNSON Jason 2003
JOHNSON Wayne 2004-05
KAUFFMAN Keith 1999, 2002
KREITZ Donnie Jr 1994
KUHN Joey 1993
LASOSKI Danny 1987, 2000
McMAHAN Paul 2002
MARTIN Jimmy 1991-92-93
MAY Paul 2004
MEYERS Jason 2001
PRICE-MILLER Parker 2017
SCELZI Dominic 2016
SCHATZ Donny 1999, 2001
SILLS Jimmy 1986-87
SMITH Randy 1987, 1989
SMITH Ryan 2017
STANLEY Robbie 1990
SWEENEY Mike 1982, 1994
THOMAS Jeff 1997
TUTTLE Jeff 1987
UNGAR Rick 1983
WILLIAMSON Kramer 1984, 1987
WILSON Greg 2003
WOOLLEY Greg 1989
WRIGHT Gary 1995-96

14 – Ron Krikke
6 – Mark Wells
4 – Donny Schatz, Randy Hannagan
3 – Garry Rush, Kenny Jacobs, Pino Priolo
2 – Cameron Gessner, Jason Kendrick.
1 – Bill Sutherland, Tim Green, Noel Bradford, Alf Barbagallo, Lee Foster, John Krikke, Robbie Stanley, Tony Matta, Jimmy Martin, Bill Bailey, Fran Hogue, Allan McCarthy, Eddy Gobby, Gary Wright, Shane Krikke, Ronnie Day, Shane Murphy, Brad Furr, Jason Meyers, Keith Kauffman, Greg Wilson, Jason Johnson, Luch Monte, Wayne Johnson, Ryan Farrell, Jamie Maiolo, Ken Sartori, Jesse Hockett, Parker Price-Miller.

Con “Mr Speedway” Migro 



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