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A Safe and Successful Season to All

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Seeking Excellence in 2018

The ACM site currently is undergoing a complete overhaul.    It should be more user-friendly within the next few weeks,    My special thanks go to my friends Bert van Zuylen, Allan Letcher, Jacqui Huntley and Kelly Maloney.

While my website is my pleasure and I enjoy giving something back to the sport, IT maintenance (or my lack of knowledge thereof!) continues to be a burden.
Supporting those who support ACM 
The motor sport season is huge and diverse.    As you might expect, my intention during 2018 is to concentrate my efforts on promoting those category members who subscribe and support me, and my website.     So, if you feel you can get some of your people on board, that would be helpful.    They won’t be disappointed!
Category Reps Please Note
All I need is someone designated to email me regular dot-point info, high res pics (250kb min), pic credits, and a few quotes.   As well as high res posters and logos.    As most of you know I’m particularly interested in writing about people – competitors, crew members, family, officials and sponsors.     And, of course, I do need pics of the machinery they’re involved with.   
Help Me to Help You 
I must stress it is essential I have on hand – as soon as possible – a stock file of your pics, with credits and brief captions.    That makes it even more likely your category will get regular coverage.    Please remember, I welcome criticisms, comments and advice.
Now my health has improved markedly, I’ve been working on developing the Upcoming Events calendar into a wide and comprehensive point of reference.    Please click on the link above.   If you’re not featured, perhaps you haven’t responded to my request for a copy of your category’s event schedule.     What is need is:
Category,  Round,  Date,  Event,  Time,  Name Sponsor,  Venue,  Location,  Website,  Email.
I’ll email you when I’ve brought your category up to date.    Please return the favour and let me know if any changes are necessary.   Thank you.

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