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Posted on March 8, 2018 Tags:   


It’s International Women’s Day/Week, after all!

So, please check out our Upcoming Events from across the globe:
If you or yours are not listed, then let me know.   All I need to promote your sport are:
  • Regular high res images (300kb min) – pics, posters
  • Image credits 
  • Brief captions
  • Dot point info 

I’ve said before that the most time consuming issue with my website is tracking down decent HIGH RES images – pics or posters.     If I have suitable pics from you on file, chances are you’ll get a run.    At the moment my files are becoming slimmer by the day!

I don’t mind if they’re happy snap images of your family, your crew, your favourite official, your dog or your race or ride car, kart,  jetboat, bus or bike.    As long as they have some relevance to you and yours!

And, if they’re from your phone, all you have to is select a size of 300kb+ and send them to me at –

What could be simpler than that?

So, please Like and Share this post with your mates, your members – or whomever you wish.
And please, please consider renewing your subscription, whenever it’s due.
I realise there are issues with the (lack of) ease of subscription renewal.     Believe me, I’m trying to resolve those dramas.
Of course, if you don’t wish to renew, simply let me know.    It’s embarrassing having to keep sending out reminders.
Cheers, and enjoy a safe and successful season.
Your old (the operative word) friend,


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