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ANDRA Drag Racing: Four National Records Set at Calder Park

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Daniel Camilleri added the 1000ft DD/GA speed record to the ET mark he set in 2014. Image: Tim Baker, ANDRA

Four 1000 feet National Records set at the Rowe Memorial Super Stock Classic at Calder Park Raceway November 19.

CALDER PARK, November 19:  Daniel Camilleri set a new speed mark for DD/GA reaching 161.61 mph in a Round 1 defeat of Mark Newman. The previous minimum was set at 156 mph.

2015 Rowe Memorial winner Les Heintz set an elapsed time record for B/MP on a 7.038-second pass in his first-round win against Cameron Ambesi. The minimum had previously been set at 7.07.

On his return following a long layoff and a last-minute rush to be ready, Parker reset both speed and ET for the B/APA class with a pass of 6.199 seconds in the semi-final against Heintz, with a final round runner-up mph of 169.08 mph. Prior to the event, the minimum speed was 166 mph while the previous ET record was 6.21, also set by Parker.

ANDRA congratulates all three teams for their continued success.

View the new 1000 feet National Records here.

View the previous 1000 feet National Records here.

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