Ash Barnett Does It His Way

Ash Barnett Does It His Way

on 21/07/2017



Traction Control, ABS – No Way!

“I’M BUILDING THIS CAR,  because it will be challenging to drive,” says WASCC member ASH BARNETT.    “Six hundred plus HP on skinny radial tyres will make it super exciting to drive,

“I wanted a car that every time you get in it intimidates and scares you.    Something that would remind me of Street Cars back in 2008 when we ran the FD RX7 with heaps of power and very skinny tyre.    Before they went to wide tyres and lots of aero.

“Back then. every time you went thru the Esses at Barbagallo you weren’t sure you would make it out the other side.     Like they say the closer you are to death the more you feel alive.     Traction control, ABS and stability management would numb that sensation.

“So even if I could have it I wouldn’t!”