Better Late than Never …

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By the way, Nurburgring – one of the greatest circuits on the planet – could be on the 2019 F1 calendar.    My understanding is that some serious talking is going on in Europe and the US.     First though F1 heavies  –  high on extraordinary social media  current results – have to deal with this season.    That crazy grid penalty system should have been dumped.      But serious change requires all teams to agree, so the blight on the sport rolls on.      Instead the FIA has deemed any driver who earns a grid penalty of 15 places or more starts from the back of the grid.       Ferrari vetoed any addition to the mandated three engine limit this year which Honda says is unreasonable.      Meanwhile  Christian Horner, Red Bull’s head honcho, reckons “it’s absolutely barking mad.     We’ve only just got through 2017 on six engines!”    It’ll be interesting indeed.      Remember there’s an extra race in ’18!”

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