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David Priolo Steps Out of Speedway Seat

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Posted on March 28, 2017 Tags:

Image: TBC

Thanks from the W8

“This is wonderful news. See you all April 1, when we say goodbye to David Priolo, a fine racer – and man!”

Con “Mr Speedway” Migro   

“NOW I’VE RETIRED, I can finally show my wife the vision above! Lucky she never came to Bunbury I think she’ll be proud I stuck the landing

“Thank you to all supporters, friends and Speedway fans who have contacted me with messages and well wishes since I announced recently I’m stepping out of the driver’s seat. It was overwhelming, to be quite honest, but I really appreciate it.

“I know some people were a little disappointed I didn’t make it public knowledge beforehand, and I apologise for that. I kept it close to my chest because I wanted to go out in the biggest race of the year with a win – and not have the emotion of saying goodbye to my longtime supporters as well. So I thought I would just slip out after it was done... Haha

“Having been lucky enough to be offered some really good rides by some amazing people to come back and contest the final round of the year, it got me thinking

One Final Hurrah – Party Time!

“”I had a few discussions with my close family and we decided our supporters deserve a farewell race. One last time to come say hello, goodbye, sit in the car or have a photo.

“So we’re running the Merger Contracting Gold Cup in my family #8 car, with present and past crew who will help out for one last time. The aim is not to win but to say THANKS, have fun with my family and mates and then have a party at the end of it. There’s loads of merchandise and other goodies to give away on the night, so make sure you come and say HI

“Tell your mates there’s a Demo Derby with more than 20,000 horsepower on the track – at the same time – in the Sprintcar feature race.

“Let’s make it a ripper night!!




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