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Dick Ward – Mike Flower

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Posted on January 1, 2017 Tags:  

Dick Ward. And Go Gear. The backbone of racing in Perth. Dick was always there. He stocked it, and it was there for the motorsport community.

The business is outstanding. Its there to buy when you want it, against the amazons and the others of our world.

Dick is one of Western Australia’s most fantastic competitors, who raced both here in Perth and on the national stage with awards too many to mention.

During my days of driving within the sports sedan category at Wanneroo, the battles between Dick and Brian were amazing to watch, from 1 lap down at times, but to see then coming booming through the lapped cars, which were many of us at the time, was even better than watching from the spectator banks.

The howling rotary, we could hear it coming, and Dick was such a great driver, we KNEW where he was and off he’d go, into the distance.

But Wardy, I remind you of the race in the wet at Wanneroo, I started the Cortina, which George then made some mods at the old Go Gear in Osborne Park, and it rained. We started on some old M and Hs tyres and were grooved up to make them into a “wet”.

The day was cold, and it rained. I was lapped by Dick once and the others, then it rained. They all started on slicks…..

I SAILED past Dick’s Mazda twice, and we thought, oh glory oh wonder, and won the race, but it was red-flagged with 2 laps before hahahahaaha

40 years of Go Gear. Someone buy this heritage.

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