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Dubious Motorsport Strategy – Part 2

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Posted on October 6, 2018 Tags:  

Image: Grant Lauterbach.

Members of the WA Sporting Car Club can expect a further voluminous Briefing Note this week about the government’s WA Motorsport Strategy.

The strategy document, I’m informed, has cost the taxpayer at least $250,000.   In all, the continued attack on the sport (because it sure smells like an attack to me) has blown close to a million bucks of your money.

I repeat: implementation of the strategy, in its present form, threatens the very existence of the WASCC and has serious ramifications for all motorsport.   The amount of time and energy and resources wasted defending some extraordinary claims made in the documents which constitute the strategy is patently ridiculous.

The Club’s latest response is nothing if not comprehensive.   A 14-page document, in fact.   But it’s vital information every Member needs to get their head around.

There is considerable discussion regarding the situation of Bikes at Barbagallo, bound to drag out the naysayers once again. It may not change opinions, but it opens further discussion.

It seems apparent the government’s strategy has based its findings on input from a failed and discredited enterprise.

The Department of Sport and Recreation, or whatever they’re called these days, sooner or later must be brought to account. And that accountability may not be too far off!

For close to 100 years you – the club members, competitors and volunteers have done a pretty decent job of running motorsport in Western Australia.   Not the politicians. And most certainly not the bureaucrats.

And the sport will continue to prosper, provided it continues to enjoy the luxury of your support.


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