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Easter Parade for Famous Fords at Claremont

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GTs Valued in the Millions

DEVOTEES OF FORD’S famous Falcon GTs are in for a rare treat this weekend for a once-in-a-decade West Australian rally of the extraordinary brand.

When assembled at Claremont Showgrounds for the long-awaited ‘Easter parade’ it’ll be the last appearance of these elite vehicles in this State until the year 2027.

The Falcon GT ‘Nationals’ have been held in Perth only once before and the spectacle has attracted 150+ entrants from all states and overseas. Among the featured models represented are 18 of the coveted GTHO, including the original Bathurst winner. Some are in restored showroom condition, others are race ready.

Paul Lloyd, who supervised the Falcon GT Nationals in Perth ten years ago and is again in charge, says this Saturday’s event will be up there with the best ever.

Word Class Auto Exhibition

“Our organising team has made an all-out commitment to make this a world class automobile exhibition,” he said. “There are rare collectibles on show, including high performance cars from the United States and South Africa. The vehicles will move into the Jubilee and Robinson Pavilions on Thursday and Friday for official scrutineering and judging. Then on Saturday the show opens to the public between 10am and 3pm.”

Entry: $10 for Adults, Children Free

The Claremont rail station is open Saturday for enthusiasts who want to travel by train.

“Cars never lose their fascination and that’s understandable because they remain arguably the most utilised public invention of the last century,” Paul Lloyd said. “The GT and HO, although first marketed half a century ago, are a valued and pricey collectible today. These beautifully-restored models are still in great demand, with the rarest selling for between $500K and $700K. And many of them are on display at Claremont Showgrounds on Saturday.”

For further details contact Paul Lloyd on 0439 044 103 or


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