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Enduro in Danger

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Oct 2 D-Day for Wanneroo 300! 

THERE ARE MORE THAN 100 race cars in garages around Perth eligible for the November 18 Wanneroo 300.  

And if you want to keep this crucial enduro alive, now is the time to remove the dust covers and get your entry in.    The WA Sporting Car Club needs a clear indication of numbers for 2017 no later than Tuesday, October 2.    So, don’t wait for others.   Get on the phone, call your mates and remind them the onus is on them to keep the event happening.    No excuses.

It’s 41 years since Peter Brock and brother Phil won the inaugural Wanneroo 300 in 1976,  in one of those blinding Torana L34s.     Among those who had DNFs that year were my  old mates Ian Diffen, Gordon Mitchell and Dougie Jack  (courtesy     Brockie won again in ’77.     As did – in following yearsLarry Perkins,  Glenn Seton and many of WA’s greatest.

The 300-kilometer enduro was resurrected by a handful of dedicated WASCC members, culminating in the ultimate success of the 2012 race.    Remarkably, that event saw the first ever race start for a Ferrari at Wanneroo!  

                STEVE WYATT’S Ferrari 458 wins the Wanneroo 300. Image:  MANOLO PHOTOGRAPHY.

The 458 duly won from some very quick Porsches, in a fine field.   In the years since, the Club has had every opportunity to further develop it into what was – in its heyday – a formidable calendar drawcard.    And we all know just how important that is.

The fact is fields have again diminished in recent times.   And blame games are a waste of effort.    Nothing compensates for results.

So it’s up to you guys to ensure this classic does not fall over. Again.


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