Esperance 1/8th mile Sprint

Esperance 1/8th mile Sprint

on 20/03/2019

Saturday, March 23 09:00-12:00:

Hosted by the Great Southern Street Machines Association ‎(GSSMA Inc.), this is a 1/8th mile Straight Line Sprint and Go to Whoa at Shark Lake Road, Esperance.

Cars need to have a Fire Extinguisher fitted to their car, using metal brackets (AS1841, 900g). All drivers must have a helmet (AS/NZS1698), wear long sleeves, long leg pants not synthetic material) and footwear with leather uppers that cover the foot (eg work boots).

Goggles or visors must be worn by drivers of open vehicles. No glass lenses are permitted. (AS 1609-1981, lBS4110Z).

This event is Free.