Jan 13 – Clarification of the Barbagallo Raceway Short Circuit for 2017

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“THE QUESTION keeps coming up about the Barbagallo Raceway Short Track.

“In 2017 the situation is that only CAMS circuit racing will cease on the Short Track.

“All other activities, such as Practice, Sprints, Drifting etc will continue just the same as during 2016.

“The reason for the necessary change is simple.

“The embankment, on Driver’s left after the hairpin, no longer passes CAMS circuit inspection without further earthworks.

“In the next week or so, the WA Sporting Car Club should have an announcement further clarifying the subject.

“Hopefully this ends the incorrect information regarding the Short Track not being used in 2017.



WASCC Management Committee

CEC Chairman    


Edited by AC. 

MIKE FLOWER comments:

“Thanks for the update on your blog re the short circuit. I attempted to leave a comment on the blog but it seems that function is not operating.

“I recall reading that the short circuit would host the last ever event in 2016 and was curious to know why, as no explanation was given. Makes perfect sense now with your article  posted. That earth bank was always ‘just there’ as it could never be dug back further, as it held up the old observation towers foundations.

“It’s one of the more strange CAMS track rulings though, as the speed at the hairpin is very slow, and the approach is obscure from that earth banking.  That said though, the rules are the rules (and earth banks are not barriers or fences) until I imagine the tower is removed and the banking taken back further. Given Armco fencing is allowed now down driver’s right into T6, I would think Armco with tyres  at the hairpin exit drivers left, should satisfy the CAMS inspectors to allow the short circuit a license again.”

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