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Jan 22 – No Wonder Karting’s Where the Magic Begins!

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 by Jeff Glucker

“DRIVING A GO-KART is one of life’s great pleasures.

“The sensation of speed and the thrill of driving like a controlled maniac will make you smile so deeply that your cheeks will hurt just as much as your forearms. The skill required to pilot these machines rises exponentially as you move up the karting levels.

“An electric kart is easy and a standard gas kart just adds a bit more speed, but when you jump to a shifter kart it’s like jumping from video games to reality.

“What happens when you take one and decide to run it on ice? The simple answer: You have what we’d consider one of the most fun ways to play out in the cold.

“This video is a promotional clip created for something called Aspen Ice Karting.  It says “Coming Soon” but the video is actually from 2014, so we can tell you that it’s already here thanks to the website that says the season is currently open.

“It all takes place on top of a spot called Kodiak Ski Lake, which is located just 25 minutes from Aspen and Snowmass.

“Kodiak Ski Lake is a man-made body of water that’s also relatively shallow. Once it freezes over, it becomes a playground for drifting kart mayhem. Aspen Ice Karting operates five CRG karts powered by 12-horsepower engines.

“The website says that you can hit 45-50 mph, but you’ll probably need a ton of small inputs to get yourself rolling along that quickly.

“Each kart is wearing snow tires bulging with ice screws, so that should help lay down some traction. Still, this is ice and you can get these karts sideways in a hurry.

“There’s still time this season to book your ticket, and you’ll have to fight us for space in line. Forty bucks gets you ten minutes on the ice, and $75 bumps your time to 20 minutes.

“That doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but you’re probably going to need a warm drink to pry the frozen smile off your face regardless.”

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