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JetSprinting – Simply AWESOME

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Official Race Dates 2017

ROUND 1 of the 2016-17 season was held way back on August 20 at NewmanRemaining rounds in the series are held Saturdays in Perth, at Baldivis.  Gates open 2 pm, with racing from 3 pm, finishing at 9 pm.

Rd 5 January 7

Rd 6 January 28

Rd 7 February 11

(cancelled due to bad weather)

Rd 8 February 25

Rd 9 March 11

Season Finals

Rd 10 April 1


The West Coast Jet Sprint Club is based in the southern Perth suburb of Baldivis, the home of this exciting sport in Western Australia since 1995. Although modest by motorsport standards, Baldivis Jet Sprint Park is the only permanently floodlit Jet Sprint track in Australia. It is held in high regard by visiting competitors from interstate, New Zealand and the United States.

Jet Sprinting is very similar to rally driving except it takes place on water, on a specially designed and excavated track, and in a boat.

Track Configuration

The track consists of narrow, 5-6 metre wide, interconnected channels around islands forming a tight, challenging course in an area not much larger than a football field. Track design caters for many different course variations allowing the club to present a different challenge to competitors at each race meeting.

Each boat has a crew of two – a driver and a navigator – whose task is to complete the course in the shortest possible time in the correct sequence. That correct course sequence can involve up to 22 direction changes in less than a minute. Competitors only receive the track map a short time before racing.

Speeds up to 110km/h

The role of the navigator is to memorise the track and then indicate directions accurately to the driver who has the job of steering a four-metre-long, 600-plus horsepower boat at speeds of up 110km/h.

With most Jet Sprint boats weighing only around 550 kilos, they’re capable of accelerating to 100km/h in around two seconds, making for spectacular entertainment both on water. And sometimes on land!

No Glass Venue

The Baldivis Jet Sprint track is a NO GLASS VENUE.

Food Van on-site and card facilities available.

Entry Fees: $20.00 adults, $2.00 children 12 and under. Call 0408 259 005, 0417 787 968

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