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MA Opens Targa Tasmania Inquiry

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Tribunal Names Members

MOTORSPORT AUSTRALIA has named the members of its Investigatory Tribunal, tasked with the responsibility of examining the circumstances leading to the sad passing of three Targa competitors during competition in April.

Matthew Selley and Neal Bates have been confirmed as Tribunes, joining Garry Connelly who will Chair the Tribunal, as previously announced. Motorsport Australia’s General Manager of People and Culture, Tamara Joy, will be the Tribunal’s Executive Officer.

The Tribunal convened on Monday May 3.

At the opening of the Hearing, the Tribunal extended its deepest sympathies to the families and friends of Leigh Mundy, Shane Navin and Dennis Neagle.

Terms of Reference

The Tribunal has reviewed and accepted the Terms of Reference proposed by Motorsport Australia, which are outlined below:

The Tribunal is to conduct itself in accordance with the relevant procedures in Judicial Procedures, Investigatory Tribunals, of the Judicial Appendix of the Motorsport Australia Manual. The Tribunal shall:

•             Consider information and submissions from various sources concerning the Incidents (involving cars 602 and 902 in the 2021 Targa Tasmania)

•             Appoint experts to assist with investigation of the Incidents

•             Call witnesses to provide evidence in accordance with Judicial Procedures

•             Consider and review any other incidents at the Event that the Tribunal deems appropriate

•             Make recommendations to the Motorsport Australia Board in relation to the Incidents and the conduct of Tarmac rallies generally

The Tribunal has also:

•             Requested a number of documents and other records and information from the Event Organisers

•             Requested other information from third parties

•             Requested staff from Motorsport Australia to prepare an ‘Expert Report’ on the fatal crashes of cars 602 and 902 and provide that report (or an interim version) to the Tribunal by Friday May 14 2021

•             Requested the Event Organisers to make a submission on the two incidents and other incidents involving hospitalisation of drivers or codrivers in this year’s event by May 14.

Findings Expected by Year’s End

The Tribunal noted with appreciation the many parties who have offered to provide advice and information as part of the investigation, which will be collated securely and safely over the coming weeks.

Anyone wishing to make a submission will be advised on how to do so in due course.

 It is anticipated the Tribunal will make its recommendations to the Motorsport Australia Board by the end of 2021.

About the Tribunes:

Matthew Selley has more than 30 years’ experience as a practicing lawyer. He is an FIA International Gold Steward and is a member of the FIA Stewards Panel for Formula 1 and Formula E.

Neal Bates is a member of the Australian Motorsport Hall of Fame and has competed across many disciplines of motorsport, most notably in rally.

My thanks to Paul Riordan,

Motorsport Australia General Manager – Media and Communications
+61 498 009 803


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