Mystery of the Albert Park trackside concrete pathway!

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How a track inspection didn’t identify as a hazard the concrete strip that wrecked Daniel Ricciardo‘s Australian Grand Prix yesterday is beyond me. This is the highest level of world motorsport and had it not been for Dan’s brilliant handling skills the result could well have been catastrophic.

An investigation is now underway and the offending off track pathway (it’s been in situ for 24 years, but no one realised its damage potential) will be sorted so such a dreadful error in judgement cannot happen again. 

But it’ll always be tagged as a bit like shutting the gate after the horse has bolted.

That said, Valtteri Bottas drove a classic race and thoroughly deserved “the best win of my life!”.  He also left Australia with the honour of being the only F1 pilot in history to earn 26 points for a championship win.

Image:  All Kym Illman’s F1 pics are available for digital downloading via that site


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