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Nick Rowe, Ryan Suhle and Aaron Love Ready for Racing

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Nick Rowe, last year’s championship runner-up, and CAMS Foundation Rising Star Ryan Suhle have secured Pole Position for today’s and Sunday’s respective openers .Images: DAN THOMPSON.

CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship

NICK LOWE and rookie AARON LOVE are the two  West Aussies to line up in this weekend’s opening of the CAMS Jayco Australian Formula 4 Championship at Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway.

It’s the first time two rounds are held across the one weekend – with three 30 minute races today and a further three for Round Two tomorrow.

German engineer with AGI Sport

Armed with ex-German Formula 4 engineer Timmi Ungar, AGI Sport and Nick Rowe claimed the season opening pole award by a staggeringly close 0.0257 seconds ahead of Kiwi debutant Liam Lawson.

“We had a good run in the first [qualifying], ” Nick said. ‘Then just couldn’t get the lap and didn’t quite have the setup in the second one. Don’t know what happened but these things happen, that’s alright. A pole in the first one, rain on Sunday; we’ll see how we go, should be good fun.

“It did change a lot for that second qualifying. I had so much understeer, I was just piling it into lock everywhere,” Nick said. “But that’s alright, we’ve got Timmi here, he’ll sort it out.”

Team BRM rookie Aaron Love, younger brother of last year’s third placed getter Jordan Love, qualified ninth for today and eighth for tomorro

Round One’s three races today start from 7:10am Perth time, with Race Two at 9:35, and the final at 12:30pm. Tomorrow’s race starts are 7.10am, 11.50am and 1.40pm.

Qualifying One Results
1. Nick Rowe (WA) – AGI Sport – 1:15.3365
2. Liam Lawson (NZ) – Team BRM +0.0257
3. Ryan Suhle (QLD) – Zagame Autosport +0.1695
4. Cameron Shields (QLD) – Team BRM +0.1992
5. Tyler Everingham (NSW) – Zagame +0.2152
6. Simon Fallon (VIC) – Team BRM +0.2546
7. Jordan Mazzaroli (NSW) – JRD +0.4172
8. Zane Morse (ACT) – Team BRM +0.4736
9. Aaron Love (WA) – Team BRM +0.5820
10. Josh Denton (SA) – Team BRM +0.5939
11. Zak Best – (VIC) AGI Sport +1.2397
12. Harley Haber (NSW) – AGI Sport +1.5944
13. Sage Murdoch (NSW) – AGI Sport +1.9113
Qualifying Two Results
1. Ryan Suhle  – Zagame Autosport – 1:15.1503
2. Liam Lawson  – Team BRM +0.0712
3. Simon Fallon – Team BRM +0.1486
4. Josh Denton – Team BRM +0.2586
5. Zane Morse – Team BRM +0.2966
6. Nick Rowe – AGI Sport +0.4879
7. Tyler Everingham – Zagame Autosport +0.5264
8. Aaron Love – Team BRM +0.6347
9. Jordan Mazzaroli – JRD +0.8267
10. Harley Haber – AGI Sport +0.9643
11. Zak Best – AGI Sport +1.149
12. Cameron Shields – Team BRM +1.1919
13. Sage Murdoch – AGI Sport +1.3170


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