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NightMasters a Great Success

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Good Crowd Bodes Well for 2017 Season

 A few comments from those who attended the season opening NightMasters at Barbagallo Raceway on Saturday.

TIM RILEY, WASCC Committee member:

“What a great day/night event at Barbagallo Raceway!

“First good news was WA Sporting Car Club President Russell Sewell announcing the Stadium SuperTrucks are coming to our track May5-7 for the Virgin Australia Supercar round.  These are special vehicles and will feature alongside the Australian GT Series,  Aussie Racing Cars, and the F4s. Lots of variety!

“Second good news: We had significant spectator attendance. Best I’ve seen at a State level race meeting in a long, long time. Someone did something right. Whatever it was, and whoever was responsible, please do it again!  Personally, I suspect it was this poster. It got shared way out there on Facebook, and other social media. I’m happy to  receive comment if you think otherwise, as we need to learn about modern marketing/sales/promotion in a new online world.

“Third good news: there was great racing, lots of action, mishaps but no serious carnage.

“Fourth good news: there was great friendship, camaraderie, and respectful racing.”

You Win Some, You Lose Some

RYAN HUMFREY,  Competitor:
“I had a mixed bag of results from the first Round. Qualified down in fifth with slicks on a moist track, finishing Race One in seventh after a very out-of-touch drive on old rubber. Following a decent  wind-up from my crew we managed to turn it around in Race Three to come back up to third. We chased hard for second, until I was taken out accidentally by a lapped car who didn’t see me. Result: two custom-built rims destroyed, unfortunately from two different sets as well. Big thanks to all the team, volunteers, officials, WASCC staff and competitors who all ran a great meeting. Andrei, Andrew, Lindsey and Carlden Wines.


“It was a fantastic race meeting,and hopefully 2017  has more to come. Only two disappointing aspects. One was the crash in the Excel/HQ race.  And I heard a kid was excluded for the meeting after qualifying, and fined $200  for being under weight. Even in Supercars they only excluded you for the session, not the event. Not a great way to keep people involved in amateur level hobbies!”



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