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Ryan Humfrey’s Journey – PART THREE

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Trial and Error – A Trusted Progression

APART from helping out in the pits during karting days, Ryan Humfrey is proud of his Team’s self-taught, through trial and error, progression.

“During the early years, my now wife Elloise was my Number One and only pit crew and we had great initial success, which just added to my already strong motorsport addiction.

“Mac McCormack from Saferight was instrumental in getting the team up as my initial sponsor. With many a late-night tinkering – thanks to my Mum and Dad, Carline and Dennis Humfrey, for helping with the jobs I needed the extra set of hands for – the car has continued to develop.”

Closed Record from 2014 at Collie Still Stands

Finishing touches for the March 18 WASCC season opening NightMasters.

“And with Andrei Highstead devoting many weekends to grab and help analyse data, the Falcs can now lap in the low 59s around Wanneroo. We also still hold the closed-car lap record for Collie from 2014 with 47.6468, which we plan to have a good go at topping this year.

“The team quickly grew as the quicker we get the more work that’s needed on race day to keep it in tune, especially with the big WA300 – still my clear favourite event of the year. I guess that’s the main reason I enjoy the WA300 as it is much more of a team event than the normal races. We had our guys change four tyres with trolley jacks, five wheel-nuts, torque wrenches and fuelled-up using a drum pump – beating other teams using dry breaks, on-board air jacks and centre-lock wheels.

“We didn’t win the race but winning the pit stop was the next best thing. And all I did was sit back and bark orders!

“I always wanted to lap the track but never knew how – or that it was even possible – to go as fast as I could in my daily driver with free instructors. I still believe many car enthusiast (or hoons as we are sometimes called) are carving up the streets not knowing they could be going twice as fast on a purpose-built raceway having 10 times the fun!”

A Tribute to a Great Team

Ryan and the Team’s booty. Image: ELLOISE HUMFREY.

“A big thanks to all the volunteer Officials who put our race events on. And everyone who has helped over the years, especially the sponsor Carlden Wines and members of the Team who have helped us on the journey – Andrei Highstead, Allan Kirk, Lindsey Jackson, Tristan Coppin, Jono Highstead, Darren Williams, Andrew Souvertjis, Rex Meechin, Jeremy and Mat Devene, Rhys O’Conner, Brad Pettitt, Chris Stevenson, Adam Whittleston, Liam Reffell, Nat Coppin, Dave Perry, Luke Jackson, Caitlin Okely, Alex Baylem, Niji Ross, Des Pourau and, especially, Elloise, Carline and Dennis Humfrey.

Ryan’s Racing record

XE Sports Sedan results since started in October 2011

WA300 Outright 6th, 5th, DNF, 4th, 3rd, 2nd, (nice pattern).

WA300 Sports Sedan 2nd, 2nd, DNF, 3rd, 1st.

WASCC Championship 9th, 3rd, 3rd, NC* 1st, 2nd.

CAMS State Championship Positions 9th, 3rd, 4th, NC* 1st, 1st.

NC* – No championship.

Consecutive WASSSCA Championships, and Ryan Humfrey and his Team are looking for number three!

Edited by AC.

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