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Thems were the days!

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Posted on August 21, 2017 Tags:  

“Let’s go for a burn!”

MOTORING STALWART MIKE FLOWER went to the recent Classic Speedway display at Gloucester Park and took a few photos, featured above and below.     The event was very well supported, he said, with  many old faces from a long time ago.  Mike reports:   Mark Franks, Glenn Hair, John Nastas and I stood on the lawn in front of the main straight and we (like most others there, no doubt), were thinking wouldn’t it be fantastic to start up a couple of the cars on display which do run, and take them for a burn!!!

I said to Mark, “How long do you think we would get?    Five years maybe in the clink?”    He said  “Nah, two and a half for good behaviour and age.”   Hehehe.

Of course, the subject then turned to gear ratios and what you’d need to set the car or bike up, to get around that wonderful place.    We were referring to a time a long time ago when a couple of solo speedway bikes did a demo there, and the gearing they used was way too low.     The rider came back in and said, “Gee this thing is revving,”and they said, “Nah, just keep it going.”     And they did, and it went BOOM and sprayed conrod and pistons all over the track!”  Hehehe.


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