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WASCC has been the operator and manager of Barbagallo Raceway since inception in 1969 and has demonstrated responsible financial and operational management over this period and the 90 year life of the organisation.


WASCC and Barbagallo Raceway:

  • Has successfully hosted major national and international events
  • Manages around 400 activities and events and 250 private practice sessions at the facility every year
  • Provides subsidised track hire rates for all not-for-profit clubs – 2 and 4 wheel
  • Has managed the dynamic and changing motorsport environment within Australia
  • Continues to develop and update facilities in line with licensing and safety requirements
  • Meets the changing demands and needs of motorsport competitors
  • Has enhanced the spectator experience through the provision of improved amenities and facilities

No other motorsport organisation in Western Australia, nor most in Australia, can match WASCC’s pedigree or history of achievement, particularly as this has been without significant government support.


In addition, as operators of Barbagallo Raceway, WASCC provides open and equitable access to all users. Current facilities are utilised by a large range of users, Non-WASCC activities and events represent more than 90% of all activities by number with WASCC events and activities representing by number less than 10% of all events (yet 35% by patronage).

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