Timbo on IPRAWA Podium

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Featured image: Mick Oliver.

“Here’s a bizarre twist of the Racing Gods.” 

Image: Travis Barnes.

“Timbo, in a 1,600cc N/A Corolla lies in 2nd position in the IPRAWA OUTRIGHT Championship.    That is against 6.0L Commodores and Monaros, and Turbo WRX / EVO and 2.0L cars.    Thanks to Infiniti Designer Pools for their loyal support.

“Pace Motorsports’  Brett Ghedina currently is building the first race engine I’ve ever had in the car, pictured above.     And we’re working on a new donk to defend the National U1600 Title at “The Bend” in November.

“Both my engines have been Toyota stock motors, ex Japan Half Cuts.    The car is an 1989 FXGT bodyshell that replaced the 1988 original, badly damaged at Barbagallo in 2015.     Essentially, all the “good bits” were removed and fitted to the new car.    The engine is stock -straight out of Jap 1/2Cut and not even opened for inspection – but fitted with a new timing belt, tensioner and water pump.

“And in case you’re wondering, that’s me in the featured pic with Mia Riley.”   TIM RILEY

Image: Ben Riley. 


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