WA Govt’s Motorsport Strategy – SERIOUS DOUBTS

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All 1500 Members of the WA Sporting Car Club should now have access to a comprehensive Briefing Note from their Management Committee explaining circumstances surrounding the State Government’s draft WA Motorsport Strategy.

The document you are receiving provides vital information regarding that Strategy, the consultation process and the grave concerns your Club’s committee and management has concerning its potential impact on Barbagallo Raceway and the WASCC.

This is yet another effort by the State to gain control of, and to appropriate or impair the value of WASCC’s long-held and substantial investment at Barbagallo Raceway.

In my view, the Government’s WA Motorsport Strategy threatens the very existence of the WASCC – the oldest and the biggest motor sporting organisation in Western Australia. As custodians of Barbagallo Raceway, Western Australia’s most prestigious motor racing venue, your Club deserves far better treatment and greater respect than that.

I believe it to be as important a briefing document as any prepared for Club Members in its 91-year history.

It’s long and it’s complex and I urge all Members to read it carefully. In a racing context, I would hope category executives would gather their membership to discuss the issues raised by your management team and decide what you can do to combat this unwarranted attack on the wellbeing of your great club. And push back!

As you well know the WASCC has been through some tough times over the years. But none more virulent and damaging than what has transpired during its very recent history.

Diabolical machinations during that period very nearly brought the Club crashing down. That those involved have managed to escape the wrath of the law astounds me. It should not be so.

The new Management Committee, headed by President Russell Sewell and his potent team, has been dealing with the fallout and blowback from those turbulent times. And continues to do so.

As Members, please do yourselves a favour and support your management team as it goes onto the front foot and comes to grips with an insidious and damaging attempt to meddle in the Club’s affairs.

And destroy its future.



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